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I would say many things! Seamlessly tying the wedding together is key. With your guest experience in mind from start to finish. Incredible weddings have seamless logistics in combination with stunning designs. Perfection is in the details.

6. What makes for an incredible wedding?  

As we’ve said before, we maintain most of the communication between you and your vendors, only involving you when personal preference or financial decisions need to be made. This way, you’re able to focus on the fun parts of planning, while we handle the gritty details! We ask all your vendors to email us directly, or at least copy us on all communication, so that we don’t overlook a thing.

5. Do we act as a liaison between you and your selected vendors?

Yes! There are a number of different ways you can do this depending on the size and style of the venue you choose.
There are many stunning wedding locations which will offer a number of different rooms that allow guests to flow easily through each space as the day progresses. Our design team love creating a sense of excitement amongst guests by ensuring each area is more impressive and awe-inspiring than the last. This also helps to create a bit of mystery and keep the party spirits high so that no one wants to risk missing out by leaving too soon.

4. Is it possible to use the same venue for the ceremony, reception and evening party?

Finding the right fit when hiring a planner is so important as this is who you will work with intimately for months, so trust is invaluable.  We come from a place of transparency and education with our clients. We want them to feel informed and in control of their choices. The couples we work with tend to be thoughtful and organized, and care about the experience of their guests and the quality of their design elements.

3. What makes J. Scott Weddings the best choice for a planner?

Design for my clients is about telling a love story and creating an emotional reaction not only for the couple but the guest experience as a whole. We approach design organically and work with each space and element to enhance their attributes and diminish any potential flaws. We draw inspiration from our couple’s travels, tastes, pastimes, and love story to make sure the wedding is a reflection of them. Our design style is modern and effortlessly timeless at the same time, but highly personalized to each couple so 20 years from now, you are still in love with the design.

2. How do you approach the design process?

Just as our name suggests, Jessica Scott of J. Scott Weddings personally plans each wedding. Though she does have an intimate team of trusted colleagues and assistants, you’ll work one-on-one with Jessica herself throughout the entire planning process rather than being handed off to someone else.

1. Who will I work with when I engage J. Scott Weddings?

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